“Bungalo” – the best eco-hotel in Bukovel is waiting for you!

Probably, there is no person in Ukraine who has not heard about the Bukovel resort located in the Carpathians. Not only our compatriots know about it, but also many residents of European countries. They know and come. Those people who were lucky enough to visit here try to visit this fabulous place again and again. For those who have not been here yet, I would like to advise: leave all your affairs and come to the famous Bukovel resort to relax your body and soul! You will regret only one thing: why you didn’t visit here before.

«Бунгало» - кращий еко-готель в Буковелі чекає на Вас!

In Bukovel, the seemingly incompatible was united: the pristine wild nature and all the benefits of civilization. Most of our contemporaries are accustomed to comfort and coziness. Therefore, one of the main questions on the eve of the trip: where is it better to stay in Bukovel? There are quite a few hotels in this resort, but it is best to book a room in the Bungalo eco-hotel, where living conditions and service are at the level of the best European standards, while prices are affordable even for Ukrainians with low incomes.

The family eco-hotel “Bungalo” was built from a wild log house according to a unique author’s project and ancient technologies. You won’t find another hotel like this anywhere else in the world! Just think: what could be better than living in a comfortable wooden house, from the windows of which you can enjoy unsurpassed views of the wild Carpathian nature, and enjoy the purest mountain air?

You can choose a hotel room, as they say, for every taste and every budget. Public sector employees, students and pensioners may well be satisfied with Standard-level housing with all the necessary amenities. More expensive rooms at the Bungalo hotel are of the Lux type, where both the area is larger and various additional amenities are available.

«Бунгало» - кращий еко-готель в Буковелі чекає на Вас!

Well, for the most demanding and demanding guests, we offer a two-story “Duplex suite“, consisting of 3 bedrooms and a living room with a balcony, as well as a kitchenette with a set of dishes, a refrigerator, a kettle and other attributes so that you can have a bite to eat if Suddenly you don’t want to go to a restaurant. Of course, there is a safe for storing valuables and documents, a place to store your own ski equipment, a hairdryer and even 4 TVs.

As for the restaurant, the Bungalo hotel is beyond praise! Colorful Hutsul interior, comfortable and original furniture, helpful experienced waiters, and most importantly – delicious Ukrainian and European dishes that can satisfy the most sophisticated gourmets. You can order excellent Ukrainian, French, Spanish wines, other various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to the dishes.

By the way, from the hotel “Bungalow” to the ski lifts of the tourist complex “Bukovel” – less than 2 kilometers. Of course, Mount Bukovel itself is far from the highest mountain in the world. However, the ski slopes laid on this mountain are rightfully considered one of the best in the world; they are by no means worse than anywhere in Switzerland or Austria. But rest and accommodation in a hotel in Bukovel – the price is much lower in general!

«Бунгало» - кращий еко-готель в Буковелі чекає на Вас!

Here, in Bukovel, we are waiting for you! Employees of TC “Bukovel” and eco-hotel “Bungalo” will do everything possible to make your vacation in the Carpathians the best in your life!