Rest in the Carpathians in the spring – we invite you to our eco-hotel

When planning a spring vacation in Bukovel, it is very important to prepare in advance: find and book accommodation, plan your diet and regime, and so on. In order for a vacation or a weekend to bring only positive emotions and be remembered for a long time, it is better to choose a comfortable and cozy accommodation with ready meals in the Carpathians. Among the many options for accommodation that can be found in the Carpathians, the Bungalo hotel stands out favorably. What are its advantages?

Why is it worth renting a room in the Bungalo eco-hotel?

  1. Favorable location. The nearest ski lifts of the Bukovel tourist complex are less than 2 kilometers from the Bungalo hotel, located in the village of Polyanytsya.
  2. Beautiful nature. Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy the amazing nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians, breathe in the crystal clear mountain air.
  3. Environmental friendliness. Of course, one of the main features of the “Bungalo” is the use of ancient technologies from a wild log house to build houses, which creates an unforgettable feeling of unity with nature.
  4. High level of service. You can feel all the delights of European-level service in the eco-hotel “Bungalo” when ordering a room of any price category: “Standard” or more prestigious “Lux“, “Duplex Suite“.
  5. Delicious food. Fans of a nutritious snack will be pleased with dishes from the eco-hotel’s own restaurant. It serves delicious, healthy and beautifully decorated dishes of Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine. For cooking, only organic and fresh products are used. And the original interior of the restaurant will give you aesthetic pleasure.
Відпочинок в Карпатах навесні

Hotel “Bungalo” in Bukovel is waiting for you!

Feel all the delights of mountain recreation this year will help you stay in the comfortable rooms of the eco-hotel “Bungalo”. We invite everyone to the eco-hotel “Bungalo” in the spring! We will select accommodation for both a cheerful company and students, as well as for a family with children or a couple of active pensioners. Come to our hotel, and rest in the tourist complex “Bukovel” will surely be remembered by you only from the positive side.

Номер Люкс готель Бунгало Буковель

You can book a room in the eco-hotel “Bungalo” right now on the website, or call the indicated numbers to clarify the details! We are waiting for you and will do everything possible and impossible to remember this vacation in the Carpathians as the best in your life!