Resting outdoors in the Carpathians is interesting for the whole family. But parents often do not take their children with them, fearing that they will be bored here. Maybe somewhere it will be, but not in the eco-hotel “Bungalo”, which is surrounded by evergreen coniferous trees and mountains. Feel free to take your children here on vacation – and they will surely have something to do here!

Children who come to rest in the “Bungalo” usually never sit still. At any time of the year, they want to go outside, explore the surroundings and have fun with something. Please, we will be happy!

What do we offer for children?

Creating our hotel, we took care of guests of all ages. Toddlers, schoolchildren of primary and secondary grades will be delighted with the playground, which is located in the recreation area of ​​our hotel complex. In addition, it is very easy to provide childcare here, because parents can comfortably spend time nearby, and if you wish, you can ask our employee – a children’s animator to look after them.

On the playground there is a slide for descent, a wooden house, which you need to climb up the stairs, and a swing for several people, made by the best Carpathian craftsmen from natural wood and perfectly fitting into the exterior of the eco-hotel. Of course, here the children are guaranteed complete safety and they can play at least around the clock!

But the playground allows not only to ride down the hill or to play on the swing, but also:

  • play ball, hide-and-seek and even “Cossacks-Robbers”;
  • arrange a mini-master class in case the children want to learn something new and interesting;
  • hold competitions;
  • come up with and put into practice an interesting scenario for an adventure game or a real quest;
  • organize a picnic in case there is a birthday boy among the little guests – a meal in nature, complemented by active entertainment – what could be better for a children’s company?

In any case, the delight of the kids will not be bounds! Thus, thanks to the playground on the territory of the hotel complex “Bungalo”, the children will not be bored, therefore, adults will be able to relax with pleasure.

And if suddenly the weather is not quiet and calm, the children will be able to visit the children’s room inside the hotel and do whatever they want there: drawing, board games or active games. Our children’s room is colorful and original, equipped with comfortable and convenient children’s furniture, so young guests will definitely like it. If they get hungry, the waiters are ready to serve delicious dishes, desserts and drinks from the children’s menu right here. And the fun will continue!