An eventful day spent on the ski slopes or walking in the surrounding area is worth continuing in our cozy restaurant. Creating an eco-hotel “Bungalo” for lovers of outdoor activities, we tried to convey all the positive range of emotions that cover those who come to the tourist complex “Bukovel” in the Carpathians.

And the restaurant, which offers mainly dishes of Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine, is no exception, so food at the Bungalo hotel can satisfy even gourmets with the most refined taste.

The menu of the restaurant of the eco-hotel “Bungalo”: everything your soul could wish for

Resting in the Carpathians and admiring the surrounding beauties, participating in active entertainment or choosing passive leisure, most of our guests prefer Ukrainian and local Hutsul cuisine, rich in a wide variety of dishes, nutritious and extremely tasty. Given this feature, the chef and his team have developed and offer guests a menu in which every dish is simply delicious!

Arriving at the restaurant, which is always clean, cozy and comfortable, guests can choose:

  • cold and hot appetizers of the classical type, as well as a grill menu or beer snacks;
  • salads from various products;
  • first courses, among which Ukrainian borsch, broth with homemade noodles, soup and meat hodgepodge are in special demand;
  • main dishes of pork, chicken, veal, trout, carp with a variety of side dishes for every taste;
  • drinks and desserts.

But that’s just for the menu. The team of the eco-hotel is ready to offer something more: organizing and holding a small family celebration, a professional holiday, an important event or just a friendly party. The main thing is to warn in advance about the number of guests and their food preferences. There are also separate programs for the holidays. It is easy to find out about everything by studying the news on the Bungalo website or by calling the reception.

Briefly about the important, or how the interior affects the appetite

Delicious food at the Bungalo hotel became possible not only thanks to the professionalism of the chef and his assistants. The interior itself, made in the national style, is conducive to a long meal and a leisurely conversation. A special atmosphere is created by decorative “little things” that make the mood particularly positive. These are natural textiles, and earthenware, and wooden spoons, and various accessories!

You don’t want to go to a restaurant? Waiters ready to serve food anywhere!

In the warm season, the hotel’s restaurant is ready to offer guests not only its territory, but also an open-air recreation area, where there is a gazebo-rotunda. It remains only to order a picnic and choose dishes from the menu – and everything will be done! And if you just don’t want to leave your room anywhere, then our waiters are ready to deliver the ordered dishes and drinks directly there at any time at your request!

After all, the main thing for all the staff of the eco-hotel “Bungalo” is to give guests real pleasure and satisfaction in everything!