Rest in the Carpathians should be complete, especially if you come to ski or snowboard. Therefore, you can’t do without water procedures after visiting the mountain slopes in Bukovel. The sauna, located on the territory of our eco-hotel “Bungalo”, is able to renew strength after a busy day, invigorate and give a wonderful rest to our guests.

What could be better than a visit to the sauna after a day outside? Hot steam, cool pool water, herbal tea, beneficial phytoncides emitted by wood – this is where the real pleasure is. It is for this reason that many guests of an eco-hotel often prefer such a vacation to everything else!

The Finnish bath at the Bungalo hotel is designed for a small number of guests, it will be cozy and comfortable here for both married couples and friendly companies. Vacationers can order a rest in the sauna and take advantage of everything you need: terry towels and sheets, bathrobes, hats, slippers – and plunge into the pleasant bliss of water procedures.

Benefits of visiting a sauna

It’s no secret that the Finnish bath:

  • gives a pleasant relaxation to the whole body and sets the person in a positive way;
  • allows you to spend time pleasantly and with great health benefits;
  • “trains” the vessels, strengthening them;
  • stimulates the production of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body as a whole;
  • promotes rejuvenation, because toxins and toxins are removed from the body.

But above all, it is the pleasure of steam, water, the moment itself. And you don’t need to go anywhere – everything you need for such a useful holiday is available directly in our eco-hotel “Bungalo”!

Our sauna: interior design and other features

Creating coziness and comfort for our guests, we took special care of the venue for water procedures. Sauna is decorated stylishly and tastefully, organically and practically. In the interior decoration, only natural materials were used – stone, ceramic tiles and light-colored wood, helping to create an additional effect of illumination.

But not only the design is liked by the guests, but also the content. Comfortable furniture in the relaxation room makes it possible to fully relax, as well as benches in the steam room, because everything is created for a pleasant and comfortable pastime.

In the sauna, you can order not only herbal tea, but also light snacks from the restaurant menu. You should warn about this at the reception – everything will be delivered on time. And then water procedures will bring special pleasure and pleasure!