The best corporate holiday in Bukovel in eco-hotel “Bungalo”

Organizing a corporate holiday for your employees is a sure sign of a successful, stable company. However, such activities can be carried out at different levels and with varying effectiveness. One of the possible best options is a joint active vacation of colleagues in the Ukrainian Carpathians near the famous Bukovel ski resort.

Such an event will not only help to get rid of accumulated fatigue, but also help to unite people, improve their mutual understanding at an informal level, thereby increasing the morale of employees and their motivation for more productive work. Holding group events in nature is an important part of building team collaboration, communication and trust, allowing colleagues within the corporate structure to take on new challenges and develop professional skills.

How does the organization of corporate holidays in the Carpathians begin?

In order for your employees to have a top-level vacation, you must, first of all, book places for a comfortable stay. Of course, there are many large and small hotels near the Bukovel tourist complex. But if we compare the conditions and the level of service in them, then, of course, we can conclude: the Bungalow eco-hotel is the best choice if we compare the ratio of service quality and prices.

We offer the “golden” mean – European-level rest at very affordable prices, which will pleasantly surprise you! Call us in advance, book accommodations and tell us about your wishes, and our staff will organize everything in the best way “from and to”:

  • meeting at the airport, railway station or bus station;
  • transfer to the place of residence on comfortable buses;
  • delicious varied food from environmentally friendly products;
  • leisure organization.

What can you do on vacation in the Carpathians?

The Carpathian region is ideal for organizing corporate leisure, regardless of the weather and season. In the winter season, this is, of course, first of all, a visit to the Bukovel ski complex, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubes, sledding, skating, snowmobiling and even dog sledding there!

Here you can also ride quad bikes, go-karts, bicycles and horses at any time of the year. Thrill-seekers can thoroughly recharge their adrenaline on the longest trolley in Ukraine, as well as on the pendulum – the largest swing in the country, rope jumping, and the Reverse extreme attraction. In addition, there is also a choice:

  • climbing mountain peaks;
  • visiting the ethnopark “Hutsul Land”;
  • walks in the forest (during the season – picking mushrooms and berries there);
  • fishing on the Carpathian lakes;
  • rafting on a mountain river;
  • jeeping in the mountains;
  • joint cooking of barbecues;
  • team sports games;
  • discos;
  • visiting the sauna;
  • team building programs;
  • quests.

It is clear that no other event can bring your team together the way it happens during a corporate holiday in the Carpathians – away from the walls of the office and everyday household chores. There is no formality here, and in an informal setting, your employees will be able to find more common ground.

A change of scenery, all sorts of entertainment and communication between employees in an informal format blur the boundaries, allowing each person to open up to the fullest and find new points of contact with colleagues.

A corporate tour to the Carpathians with accommodation in an eco-hotel “Bungalo” is an excellent solution that allows you to have an excellent rest and unite the team, motivate employees for more successful and productive work!