Winter in Bukovel, or how best to relax in winter

Winter in the Bukovel resort is always the peak of the season. After all, Bukovel is, first of all, a world-class first-class ski resort. And winter is the time of the New Year’s Christmas holidays, holidays with children and family holidays. This is a time of rather high prices, but at the same time it is a great chance to take advantage of discounts and special promotional offers.

And how beautiful New Year and Christmas holidays are in Bukovel! How many new experiences are waiting for you here!

In the wonderful eco-hotel “Bungalo” you will be welcome at any time of the year. You are waiting for rooms from the category “Standard” to the category “Duplex suite“. Do you like colorful national style? Then you will not remain indifferent and will definitely come again.

What does Bukovel offer in winter?

Winter is the most active and “hot” season in Bukovel. This is a period of influx of vacationers, which means a period of acquaintances, communication and new friends. The winter period is, of course, skiing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, fun is guaranteed.

Зима у Буковелі, або як краще відпочити взимку

Winter in Bukovel is a huge number of such exciting winter activities as:

  • ski slopes;
  • snowmobiling;
  • skating;
  • hockey games;
  • dog sledding;
  • tubing (soft analogue of a sled);
  • snowboarding (downhill on a special board called a snowboard, accompanied by somersaults and jumps and somersaults;
  • extreme zorbing (descent from the mountain of a person in a transparent ball);
  • jibbing (moving and jumping on specially prepared figures made of various materials);
  • snowpark (a territory on a mountainside where jumps, jibbing figures, “halfpipe”).

And this is not a complete list of pleasures. Among other things, in winter you can enjoy a bath, vats, sauna, spa treatments or visit the indoor pool.

Payment for services in Bukovel

You will be pleased with the variety of payment methods. And you are sure to find something suitable. You will be offered a variety of options for subscriptions from half-hour to day. Moreover, the more time is included in the subscription, the more profitable its purchase.

Here you can save on the purchase of ski passes. A ski pass is a ski pass card. And he gives the right to use the lift.

There are many such cards. And they can also be purchased at a discount if booked in advance. You can buy a ski pass online, which will also give you the opportunity to save.

A little about the New Year and Christmas at the Bungalo hotel in Bukovel

New Year and Christmas in Bukovel is a truly fabulous time! Of course, it is worth going to see this fairy tale at least once! And what treats are served here for the New Year and Christmas table, what a warm and cozy atmosphere! Come to Bukovel on New Year’s holidays and see for yourself.

Зима у Буковелі, або як краще відпочити взимку

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a gala dinner at the hotel. You will become a participant in Christmas fun:

  • traditional Ukrainian nativity scene;
  • carol songs;
  • fun festivities;
  • attractions.

If you decide to spend the Christmas holidays in Bukovel, then we advise you to book a room at the Bungalo hotel in advance, otherwise you will simply have nowhere to stay here!

Have a nice rest and positive impressions!