We are booking rooms for the New Year in Bukovel today!

Bukovel is an extremely popular and prestigious resort among residents of all Ukraine and many other countries, so choose the best rooms in autumn or early winter if you want to celebrate the New Year in a wonderful atmosphere among the picturesque Carpathian Mountains!

The eco-hotel “Bungalo” deserves special attention, located less than two kilometers from the ski lifts. If we are talking about a large group of friends or a family vacation, then it is most profitable to rent several rooms in one cottage – all close people can gather under one roof. And you can take the necessary rooms in one house only if you book accommodation in Bukovel in the Bungalo hotel in advance.

Зустріч новорічних свят в зимових Карпатах

All buildings of the hotel complex “Bungalo” are built from wild timber according to the old Carpathian technologies. However, there are all possible modern conveniences! Pleasant courteous staff, a varied menu, cozy comfortable rooms, which have everything you need to stay, guarantee the guests a great mood every day of their stay at the hotel.

Meeting New Year holidays in the winter Carpathians

Meeting the New Year holidays in the winter Carpathians is a truly unique event that everyone wants to make the best of it. Surrounded by coniferous forests, in a developed region, staying in comfortable rooms, a tourist can recharge with positive energy for the whole year. The developed infrastructure of the village is another significant plus for the guests. Shops, pharmacies, souvenir shops, ski slopes of varying difficulty – all this is within easy reach of the Bungalo.

Зустріч новорічних свят в зимових Карпатах

Colorful Hutsul traditions, local cuisine with its unforgettable banosh and other delicious dishes, environmentally friendly environment – this allows you to relax and take a break from the bustle of the city, as they say, “in full”. In addition to the unsurpassed beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, the Bukovel resort provides a high level of service. Many residents of Ukraine and other countries have heard about it, which is why the local tourist complex for recreation is popular at any time of the year.

By booking rooms in the eco-hotel “Bungalo” today, you can ensure yourself a luxurious and comfortable stay in the best resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians for the New Year. As a rule, already 2-3 weeks before the holidays there is a minimum number of places. And a week before the New Year holidays, there are usually no empty rooms in the Bungalo hotel, as, indeed, in other, even less prestigious and more expensive hotels!

Зустріч новорічних свят в зимових Карпатах

In order not to spoil all your holidays, we advise you to book rooms in Bukovel at the Bungalo hotel in advance! Make sure that your New Year’s holiday brings only positive impressions!