The best family vacation in Ukraine is on Bukovel in the Bungalo hotel

A comfortable stay in the mountains allows you to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy close contact with the nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians. These conditions are ideal for family holidays. Fresh mountain air, active games, skiing and other sports are useful for both children and parents.

Bukovel is a recognized leader among all Ukrainian resorts. What are the main advantages of staying here?

  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Trails of various difficulty levels, including for beginners and children.
  • picturesque area;
  • Plenty of entertainment for children and adults;
  • Tasty and healthy traditional Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine in the restaurant of the hotel “Bungalo”;
  • The most comfortable living conditions in the eco-hotel “Bungalo”.

A joint active holiday in Bukovel, of course, will be a pleasant memory for your family for a lifetime. Choosing an eco-hotel “Bungalo”, you are completely immersed in the local atmosphere. Built from a single piece of wild Carpathian timber, the hotel fits perfectly into the local colorful landscape.

Кращий сімейний відпочинок в Україні – у Буковелі в готелі «Бунгало»

At the same time, all communications are modern and allow city dwellers to feel as comfortable as possible. Room service corresponds to the European level – in clean and comfortable rooms, all members of your family can relax, unwind and gain new strength for walking or active sports.

Far from the bustle of the city, surrounded by coniferous Carpathian forests, living in picturesque wooden houses, you can enjoy unity with wild nature. Such a vacation, even a short one, will give your family new happy memories. For children, a trip to Bukovel will be a source of pride in front of classmates, an opportunity to learn new things about the history of the country, its customs and mores.

In general, Bukovel has a maximum of opportunities for family holidays: in winter you can go skiing, sledding, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling and even sled dogs; in summer – enjoy the mountain coolness, observe the beauties of nature, walk along mountain paths, ride bicycles or horses, swim in a mountain lake or river, engage in any sports that are appropriate in the warm season.

Кращий сімейний відпочинок в Україні – у Буковелі в готелі «Бунгало»

For a strong and friendly family, it is extremely important to have fun, learn new things, travel. Do not miss the opportunity to relax in Bukovel in the eco-hotel “Bungalo” at good prices!