Active holidays in Bukovel in the best Ukrainian eco-hotel

Most people plan their holidays in advance. You need to relax not just watching TV or playing computer games. In order to abstract from problems as much as possible, teach the maximum reboot and gain positive impressions, rest should be active. Everyone can have fun and enjoy their free time. All you need is the right attitude and the right place.

In Ukraine, Bukovel is considered an ideal place for a rich and active holiday. Perhaps today it is the most prestigious resort in our country. Here everyone will find their favorite pastime, regardless of the time of year. The charming beauty of the Carpathians, numerous entertainments (sledges, skis, fonts, waterfalls, hiking mountain peaks, etc.), fresh mountain air, European-level service – all this will pleasantly amaze guests of the Bukovel resort.

Активний відпочинок на Буковелі

Choosing the best hotel in Bukovel: recommendations

You can get a lot of impressions, fulfill all your goals and leave only with positive impressions only if you choose the right hotel. The place where you will rest after new summits or prepare for upcoming events directly affects your inner state and mood.

In order to avoid disappointment and annoying factors, it is recommended to initially choose a trusted institution. According to many thousands of tourists who have been here, the eco-hotel “Bungalo” is considered, perhaps, one of the best in Bukovel.

The reason for the demand lies in the favorable location (only less than 2 kilometers from the ski lifts to Mount Bukovel), thoughtful interior and exterior design. Stepping into the territory of the hotel complex, each tourist finds himself in a fabulous atmosphere. Wooden houses made of wild logs, located in the Carpathian mountains, are surrounded by age-old coniferous forests.

Inside the buildings, the idea of ​​​​complete unity with nature is also supported. All furniture is made of natural wood, leather, stone and other natural, completely eco-friendly materials. Everything is kept immaculately clean and the customer service is top notch.

After an active holiday and conquering the mountain peaks, every vacationer will be able to replenish the lost energy with healthy and tasty food. To do this, there is a restaurant with traditional Hutsul and Ukrainian cuisine on the territory. There are legends about the local chef, and the look and taste of the dishes prepared by him are remembered with lust by many guests years later.

Активний відпочинок на Буковелі

The cost of rooms in Bukovel in the eco-hotel “Bungalo” is very moderate, and quite affordable even for most students and pensioners. True, they often stay in Standard rooms, while respectable civil servants, artists, scientists, famous athletes, businessmen and businesswomen prefer to book Lux and Duplex Suite rooms at the Bungalo hotel, which amaze imagination with its natural finishes combined with understated luxury.

Do not miss your chance and you. Hurry up to book a room in advance to stay in Bukovel in the eco-hotel “Bungalo”!