Summer holidays in Bukovel – yes, I will move mountains!

The Bukovel ski resort has long ceased to be highly specialized – there are many entertainments and active sports that are not associated with the presence of snow on the mountain slopes. And, as practice shows, in the summer it is possible to spend a vacation or a weekend in Bukovel even richer than in the cold period. It is unlikely that in another place in Ukraine you will find such a concentration of entertainment surrounded by centuries-old coniferous forests and mountain ranges.

The artificial Lake of Youth impresses no less than natural alpine reservoirs – its crystal clearness and arrangement will delight even fans of fashionable foreign resorts. Those who cannot imagine themselves without extreme experiences, Bukovel invites you to a trolley crossing, a climbing wall and rope jumping. The Extreme Park and the Karting Center are built with high safety requirements in mind. The choice of entertainment in Bukovel is huge, but many tourists come here, first of all, to feel the beauty of the Carpathians, walk along the mountain paths and enjoy unity with majestic nature.

Viewing lifts that operate all year round allow you to enjoy the scenery. If you have a sports family, rent bikes or go on a walking tour with a guide. You will definitely be advised routes of various difficulty levels, from which you will choose the most suitable one. Horseback riding is interesting for both adults and children, and in order to see as many local beauties as possible, you can order a jeep ride.

Where is the best place to stay in Bukovel?

However, a modern person, even one who loves outdoor recreation, in most cases will still prefer a comfortable overnight stay and delicious food. In the eco-hotel “Bungalo” tourists can relax and unwind in spacious comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities that are available in rooms of the “Standard” type and others.

And if we talk about the rooms of the “Lux” type and, moreover, the “Duplex Suite“, then the living conditions there will satisfy the most demanding and demanding guests. It is worth noting that the price of rooms in the Bungalo hotel is much lower than the average European level, but the service and comfort are no worse than in the best hotels in Europe.

Guests are also pleased with the kitchen of the eco-hotel – after all, the best chef in the entire Bukovel resort works here! And he, together with his team, offers such delicious European and local Hutsul dishes that you can only lick your fingers!

Well, as for the dishes, there is a choice of not only excellent Ukrainian wines, but also Georgian, French, Spanish ones. It goes without saying that for lovers of stronger drinks there is also a large selection for every taste. And non-drinkers will no doubt also be pleased with the range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Conclusions: it is necessary to book places in Bukovel at the Bungalo hotel

Summer holidays in the Carpathians allow you to enjoy the fresh mountain air, feel the wild nature, go in for sports, walk along mountain paths, and at the end of the season even pick up mushrooms. What kind of vacation in Bukovel you would not choose, it will allow you to gain positive emotions and take a break from the bustle of the city, get an inexhaustible supply of energy for the whole year ahead.

Відпочинок влітку у Буковелі

But for all this, you need to remember to book in advance at the Bungalo hotel in Bukovel!